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Foto Dr Gregor Berghorn, MAC Bonn

Aspects of the current situation in Russia

| Features | Global Challenges Global Security Trade Relations Russia | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

At this year's traditional summer lunch of the Mid-Atlantic-Club (MAC) in Bonn at the end of August, Dr. Berghorn, the long-term head of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) in Moscow, spoke on “Aspects of the...

40 years of MAC Bonn celebrated: Redefining transatlantic relations

| Features | EU Global Challenges Transatlantic Relations Trade Relations Brexit | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

“Vision–Courage–Commitment 1977–2017” was the title of a “historical” event that took place on June 24th in the old Town Hall of Bonn. The event was hosted by the Mid Atlantic Club Bonn in cooperation with the city of...

Foto US CG Michael Keller MAC Bonn

US CG Michael Keller aus Anlass des 40 Geburtstags des MAC Bonn

| Features | by Michael Keller

Ich freue mich, aus Anlass des 40 Geburtstags des Mid-Atlantik Club Bonn e.V. – dem ersten MAC in Deutschland – hier zu sein. Einige Mitglieder möchte ich besonders nennen, bei denen ich mich bedanken und denen ich...

Photo Dr Hans Georg Wieck und Friedhelm Ost

The Secret Services: The German Federal Intelligence Service Today

| Features | European Security Global Security Transatlantic Relations Russia | by Anno Hellenbroich

It was some coincidence that on the same day that a presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Club Bonn about the subject "Reform of the Bundesnachrichtendienst" (BND – Federal Intelligence Service) was taking place, serious...

Bild Dr. Peter Corterier

Abschied und Dank für Dr. Peter Corterier

| Features | Transatlantic Relations | by Friedhelm Krüger-Sprengel

Peter Corterier war ein entscheidendes Gründungsmitglied des Mid-Atlantik Club Bonn. Anfang der 70-ger Jahre , dem Beginn der neuen Ostpolitik, erhielt der Unterzeichner in Washington und aus London Hinweise auf das...

What will be the future of transatlantic relations?

| Features | Transatlantic Relations EU Global Security | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

Two weeks after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, leading experts in Europe who have been actively engaged in shaping transatlantic relations during the last decades, expressed a deep unease about some aspects...