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IT security crisis: Who blocks IT network security?

| Features | European Security Global Security Global Challenges | by Anno Hellenbroich

In the subchapter “The Causes for the IT Security Crisis” which is part of the book Cyberwar, The Danger from the Net (September 2018), the authors Constanze Kurz and Frank Rieger, both proven experts of the global IT...

“Yellow Vests” upheaval: Temperature rises before European Election

| Features | EU European Security Global Challenges | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

Since almost 6 months- beginning at the end of October- France is shaken by a protest wave that is organized by the so called “Gilets Jaunes” (yellow vests). The movement is an agglomeration of citizens bringing ...

Bild Kay Scheller und Friedhelm Ost

Der Bundesrechnungshof — Kontrollinstrument deutscher VN–Politik

| MAC Library | Politics in Germany Global Challenges Global Security | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

Beim diesjährigen Summerlunch des Mid-Atlantic Club (MAC–Bonn) sprach Kay Scheller, Präsident des  Bundesrechnungshofes (BRH) über das Thema „Der Bundesrechnungshof — Kontrollinstrument deutscher VN Politik.“

Photo of Chrystia Freedland

Canada takes on US foreign affairs role

| Features | Global Challenges Global Security Trade Relations Transatlantic Relations

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, delivered this speech in the House of Commons on June 6 2017.

"Mr. Speaker, here is a question: Is Canada an essential country, at this time in the life of our...

40 years of MAC Bonn celebrated: Redefining transatlantic relations

| Features | EU Global Challenges Transatlantic Relations Trade Relations Brexit | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

“Vision–Courage–Commitment 1977–2017” was the title of a “historical” event that took place on June 24th in the old Town Hall of Bonn. The event was hosted by the Mid Atlantic Club Bonn in cooperation with the city of...

Foto: Sir Simon McDonald, Mayoress Cappel, MAC-Bonn

European Union - yes, but more regional decisions on local issues!

| Features | EU Global Challenges Trade Relations | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

British Ambassador Simon McDonald was Special Guest of the MAC-Bonn in 2013 - ahead of the European elections 2014:
In late October, the Bonn based Mid-Atlantic Club (MAC, a private association of former military,...