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IT security crisis: Who blocks IT network security?

| Features | European Security Global Security Global Challenges | by Anno Hellenbroich

In the subchapter “The Causes for the IT Security Crisis” which is part of the book Cyberwar, The Danger from the Net (September 2018), the authors Constanze Kurz and Frank Rieger, both proven experts of the global IT...

“Yellow Vests” upheaval: Temperature rises before European Election

| Features | EU European Security Global Challenges | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

Since almost 6 months- beginning at the end of October- France is shaken by a protest wave that is organized by the so called “Gilets Jaunes” (yellow vests). The movement is an agglomeration of citizens bringing ...

Foto: Französischer Generalkonsul Muller beim Mid Atlantik Club Bonn

Bring back strength to the “European Idea”

| MAC Library | EU European Security Global Security | by Anno Hellenbroich

French Consul General Vincent Muller from Düsseldorf, who is also chairman of the Düsseldorf Institut Français, recently gave a passionate presentation, marked by a dash of humor, in Bonn about the current development...

Schmagin: The Unvarnished Memoirs of a Russian Diplomat

| MAC Library | European Security NATO Strategy Politics in Germany Russia | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

Books review by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

Reading the memoirs of Russian diplomat 1Jewgeni Alexejewitsch Schmagin who spent almost half a century in Germany, serving as Cultural Attaché in Berlin, Embassy Secretary in Bonn...

Photo Dr Hans Georg Wieck und Friedhelm Ost

The Secret Services: The German Federal Intelligence Service Today

| Features | European Security Global Security Transatlantic Relations Russia | by Anno Hellenbroich

It was some coincidence that on the same day that a presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Club Bonn about the subject "Reform of the Bundesnachrichtendienst" (BND – Federal Intelligence Service) was taking place, serious...

Fundamental change for Germany's security policy?

| Luncheons | Bundeswehr European Security Global Security Russia Brexit | by Anno Hellenbroich

Since the “White Book on Security and the future of the German Armed Forces 2016” was published this summer (July 2016), one notes the increased effort being made to make German security policy more comprehensible to the...