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Foto: Jürgen Hardt beim MAC Bonn

Der Kompromiss-Gestaltungswerkzeug in Zeiten der Krise

| MAC Library | Brexit EU Russia Transatlantic Relations | by Anno Hellenbroich

Anfang Februar wurden Mitglieder und Gäste des Mid-Atlantic Clubs Bonn Zeugen eines spannenden Einblicks in die politischen Herausforderungen, denen sich unser Land aktuell gegenübersieht. Jürgen Hardt, MdB,...

“Yellow Vests” upheaval: Temperature rises before European Election

| Features | EU European Security Global Challenges | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

Since almost 6 months- beginning at the end of October- France is shaken by a protest wave that is organized by the so called “Gilets Jaunes” (yellow vests). The movement is an agglomeration of citizens bringing ...

Foto: Französischer Generalkonsul Muller beim Mid Atlantik Club Bonn

Bring back strength to the “European Idea”

| MAC Library | EU European Security Global Security | by Anno Hellenbroich

French Consul General Vincent Muller from Düsseldorf, who is also chairman of the Düsseldorf Institut Français, recently gave a passionate presentation, marked by a dash of humor, in Bonn about the current development...

40 years of MAC Bonn celebrated: Redefining transatlantic relations

| Features | EU Global Challenges Transatlantic Relations Trade Relations Brexit | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

“Vision–Courage–Commitment 1977–2017” was the title of a “historical” event that took place on June 24th in the old Town Hall of Bonn. The event was hosted by the Mid Atlantic Club Bonn in cooperation with the city of...

What will be the future of transatlantic relations?

| Features | Transatlantic Relations EU Global Security | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

Two weeks after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, leading experts in Europe who have been actively engaged in shaping transatlantic relations during the last decades, expressed a deep unease about some aspects...

A World Out of Balance: A transatlantic perspective

| Luncheons | EU Transatlantic Relations European Security Global Security | by Elisabeth Hellenbroich

At the traditional annual summer lunch of the Bonn “Mid Atlantic Club” a debate took place which seems to confirm the actuality of the remarks which were recently made by Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger (Chairman of the...