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Jim Huntley – an obituary provided by Ira Straus, Washington DC

| MAC Library | by Ira Straus

Dear friends of Jim Huntley, I was saddened, along with many others, to hear that Jim passed April 12. I wish to...

James R. Huntley

| Announcements | by Alan Lee Williams

Jim Huntley passed away on 12 April 2019. He served in World War 2 American planes as an aircrew member, though he...

Foto MAC-Bonn 40. Jubiläum

The MAC Bonn celebrates its 40th Jubilee

| Announcements | EU Global Challenges Transatlantic Relations | by MAC Bonn

This month, the MAC Bonn celebrates its 40th anniversary with a series of events in and around Bonn to be attended by...

Entwicklungen in der EU nach dem Brexit

| Announcements | EU Politics in Germany Brexit | by MAC Bonn

Gastsprecherin: Ursula Groden-Kranich, MdB Mitglied im Ausschuss des Bundestages für die Angelegenheiten der...

In Memory of Doctor Peter Corterier

| Announcements | EU Transatlantic Relations | by Alan Lee Williams

Alan Lee Williams, OBE, Chairman of the Mid-Atlantic Club London and former British Labour MP, remembers Doctor Peter...

Die Reform des Bundesnachrichtendienstes (BND)

| Announcements | by MAC Bonn

Gastsprecher: Dr. Hans Georg Wieck
Mit der Wahl von Donald Trump und dem zu erwartenden Brexit erleben wir politische...